What to Look for When Shopping Senior Care

There’s a lot to consider when selecting the best home care for your aging parents. Family members want to know that their loved ones will be safe and taken care of, and there’s a natural sense of anxiousness when allowing a new person into your home. As you start shopping for elder care, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Selecting In-Home Care ProvidersKnowledgeable and Qualified

First and foremost, is the staff knowledgeable and qualified? Agencies should run background checks on all caregiving employees, and should offer comprehensive training as well as continuing education to its staff. At Your Own Home, all of our employees are fully screened, including background checks and competency testing, meaning that you can rest assured that your loved one will be in capable hands.

Staff should always make a home visit before administering care to assess patient needs. The lines of communication between caregivers and families should be open, and patients can feel empowered to be clear about their needs and wants. We start with an in-home assessment and talk through your options with you, and can even offer suggestions for additional or alternative resources if or when needed.

Compassionate and Committed to Care

Most importantly, senior care staff should be compassionate and treat patient with the utmost respect. Are caregivers warm? Are they communicative with family members? Are they reliable, punctual, and friendly?

Hiring an experienced home caregiver can be reassuring, but a less experienced aide may be just as qualified and kind as a veteran caregiver. Trust your instincts and the interactions that you have. We work to provide a replacement staff member as quickly as possible if you don’t like your caregiver. On the other end of the spectrum, we also work to keep the same person working with you or your loved one, allowing you to develop a long-lasting trust and relationship.

Conversations about the need for in-home care can be difficult to have, but families should take comfort in knowing that quality, compassionate and reliable elder care is available. Often, discussing your family’s needs and wants before a crisis happens can go a long way towards giving everyone peace of mind.

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