In-Home Care: It’s Okay to Talk About It

Are you concerned that your family member has lost the ability to care for themselves? Maybe you have noticed that your loved one is struggling more and more with the up-keep of their home, or perhaps they are less motivated to go out and complete grocery shopping or yard work like they once used to. You may have tried to discuss the possibility of in-home care for your loved one but they have gotten upset and have completely shut down the idea. The topic of in-home care for your loved one can be a touchy one, but it doesn’t have to be.

Talking to Elderly Parent About In-Home Care | Your Own Home

Here are some tips for addressing in-home care with your loved one:

As a family member, it is important to express your concern without accusations. Instead of saying to your loved one, “You can’t take care of yourself. This place is a mess. We need to do something about this,” try “I’m really worried; it concerns me that you are not living as well as you could be. Do you have any suggestions?” They might be more open to the possibility of in-home care if they trust your genuine concern for their well-being.

A resistant loved one might be afraid of aging. Try to explore the different reasons for their resistance and why they are so quick to shut down the idea of an in-home senior caregiver. Perhaps they may be in more pain than they lead you to believe or maybe it is easier for them to deny their need for assistance instead of giving in to you or other family members. Once you explore the various reasons, it will be easier to introduce the benefits of a caregiver in the comfort of their own home.

Enlist the help of others. Seek out other family members to reintroduce the subject or testimonials from others who have used in-home care services. Hearing positive feedback from a third party might put their mind at ease and realize that assistance and a companion might not be so bad.

Your parents, grandparents or dear friends might fear aging and losing their independence so it is important to address the matter and assure them that their safety is of utmost importance. Assure them that an in-home caregiver can help re-stabilize their environment and boost their morale while still maintaining their independence. For more information on the services we provide and how we can help your loved one, visit our website.

(Posted  by: Gina Deney of Your Own Home LLC)
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