How to talk to Parents

How do I talk to my parents,spouse or loved ones about senior home care?

Family members are the most likely choice to provide care for a parent, spouse, or a sibling once extra support is needed. Unfortunately, this can sometimes put tremendous strain on their existing relationships. The family member can quickly become overwhelmed by the additional responsibility leading to feelings of resentment. The care receiver can experience guilt and diminished self-worth for shifting this burden onto a loved one. We offer a solution that can benefit both sides in this situation. Before this care can be received in the home however there may be several main obstacles to overcome:

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How do I convince my loved ones to accept the care that they need?

Try to involve your loved one in the decision making process as much as possible. They may still need to feel that they are in control of their own lives and the decision making process. Find out what tasks have become difficult for them and which areas they need help with. Stress that hiring a companion will free you up to spend more “quality” time with your loved ones rather than doing chores and meeting daily demands.

How do I explain that these services will allow us to spend MORE quality time together?
Stress to your loved one that you want to spend time with them, not just do chores for them. Maybe you can’t always be there when support is needed due to your own responsibilities; the caregiver can be there when you can’t. Your loved one will not be losing your support but gaining the additional help of a caregiver.…Your loved one will have more companionship and will be able to have things when they want them not just when it fits into your schedule. The two of you can pick the times you want to spend together doing what you want to do rather than what needs to be done.

How do I impress upon them that their overall health,well being, and safety are worth the financial investment at this time?
Get your loved ones to try it for a trial period so that they can begin to see the benefits. They will start feeling the burden of daily demands start to diminish. Explain that longer term this service will allow them to stay living in their home indefinitely rather than having to be moved into a smaller place or a facility. Finally, we can work with you to show the comparable cost of living in assisted living vs retired housing and other living arrangements available as they get older.

How do I convince my loved ones that this isn’t the start of their inevitable decline in health?
Often this decision for care is made in time of crisis. This approach will allow you to plan with them what their needs are now and will be later as they continue the aging process. It doesn’t need to be the one thing that signals they are throwing in the towel but rather a chance to continue doing what they enjoy and maintain their independence and standard of living. Isn’t it preferable to manage aging rather than fight it?

What will friends think?
When they see the benefits of what you are getting they will want a caregiver too. They will actually be envious of your care and see it as your loved one taking care of you and providing you with more support rather than taking it away.

How do I ease their fears about having “strangers in the house”?
These are trained caregivers from a reputable organization. We will work with you to find a caregiver that will meet your needs. You can hire a caregiver for a minimum of 2 hours to meet your loved ones’ needs.

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How do I deal with my guilt?
You can’t live your life, fulfill your own personal responsibilities and be available to meet all the needs of your loved ones. We can provide you with an option that will allow you to do more meaningful things with your loved ones. Hiring a caregiver will eliminate the resentment that you may eventually feel as you spend more and more time providing care. Rather than damage your relationship, you will actually build and improve it. Let us help you.