Socializing and Senior Health

There are many important health benefits from socialization for seniors. Medical experts agree that there social activities are important for maintaining good mental and physical health. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways that staying social and involved in the community, friendships and relationships can keep people sharp and engaged into the golden years.

Reduced Risk of Depression

Often seniors can become socially isolated, and this can lead to depression. Seniors who have companionship or who are involved in social groups or activities, however, tend to have a reduced risk of depression. Being with others helps increase feelings of self-worth and self-confidence and enhances overall mental health, notes the Appalachian Agency for Senior Citizens in Virginia.

Senior Socialization BenefitsBetter Cognitive Function

Socialization is also key to helping older adults keep their cognitive abilities sharp. Engaging in conversations with others, sharing ideas, listening and observing all help keep the mind active. According to US News and World Report, a study done by Rush University Medical Center showed that healthy, social activity plays an important role in preventing cognitive decline in seniors.

Improved Physical Health

Seniors who regularly participate in social groups or maintain regular interpersonal exchanges with others are more likely to speak about their physical health to others, which can also mean that their peers recommend appropriate health screenings, in turn, helping these individuals maintain a better overall quality of health. Seniors who are socially active are also less likely to skip meals, thereby getting better nutrition. Social activities may also involve physical activity, which improves cardiovascular and overall physical health, as well.

Increased Sense of Purpose and Well-Being

Being isolated can cause many older adults to feel that they lack a sense of purpose, which can affect their overall sense of well-being. Socialization can improve a senior’s outlook, provide a sense of purpose, and offer affirmation of being needed and worthwhile. Seniors who regularly visit and engage in activities with others typically feel more satisfied with their lives, improving not just their emotional health but also leading to a higher overall quality of life.

Obtaining New Skills

Learning new skills helps improve mental function and build confidence, plus it provides a rewarding outlet for seniors. From taking a yoga class to learning about today’s latest technology, there are more options and outlets than ever before for seniors to enjoy and explore. Interacting with others while building new skills offer a great way to gain a sense of accomplishment, have fun, and maintain a health social network.

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