Client Reviews

“I can tell you I was extremely happy with Your Own Home. My mother’s health was rapidly declining so when the rehab center gave me 48 hrs notice that they were releasing my mother….I went into a panic. I didn’t even know what agencies were available. I remember seeing a sign about YOH. Bea provided me with someone who was familiar with Mom’s condition and it was a great fit for all. I couldn’t have done without this caregiver. Not only was she professional about herself but her skills were exactly what my mother needed. My mother thrived much longer than expected. I owe much of this for not only the level of care but also the agency knowing my needs. I would highly recommend Your Own Home to others.”
-Ann, on care for her mother

“There are so many things that we are grateful for: consistent and reliable care, trustworthy employees, and an unbelievable willingness to go the extra mile. In other home care providers you might get one of these qualities, with your team’s operation you receive all and then some. We can’t thank you enough. You have enriched the life of my mother in so many ways. At ninety she looked forward to every day, whether it was the meals, or walks, or simply the companionship you offer. While we would certainly be willing to have her with us, she has indicated how important it is for her to have her home and her routine within her home at her age. We wouldn’t be able to fulfill that without you. You have given us a gift much larger than simply peace of mind.”
-William, on care for his mother

Senior Care Services in Newark, DE

“We truly appreciate all that you and your staff have done for our mom and dad. As the Alzheimer’s disease began to take its toll on both of our parents, you and your staff treated both our mom and dad with respect, kindness, compassion and the capabilities needed to help us care for them. You are your staff are the best. We truly believe that because our parents were able to stay in their own home for as long as they were, because of the service that your organization provided to us for them, they lived a quality of life that they would otherwise not have had.”
-Johnson Family, on care of John and Ruth

“Most of us plan to live in our homes independently for the rest of our lives. Unfortunately, things may happen which require us to change that plan. This was the case for my parents. Always very independent and able to do anything, they suddenly needed additional help; more than what we, their children, could provide. A close friend then suggested that we contact Your Own Home caregivers service. We did and we have had them in our services for the past 5 years; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We consider our caregivers to be our guardian angels. How could we not? They treat our parents with love, compassion and respect, and because of them our parents are able to continue to live in their own home which has always been their wish. Our parents receive the caregivers undivided attention; their meals are catered to their specific needs; their home is kept tidy and they are able to stay in their own home. Security, during the onset of this process, was a concern for us. We would be inviting virtual strangers to stay in our parent’s home with no additional supervision. This, in itself, is a reason to utilize the services of Your Own Home, LLC. They do full background checks and provide training for all of their caregivers. Seeing our parents age and struggle is never easy. Knowing that they are being well cared for in a safe, familiar environment has made this transition so much easier for all of us. Thank you Your Own Home, LLC, In Home Senior Care, you have become a vital part of our family.”
-E. S., on care of his parents

Senior Aide & Caregiver Testimonials


“What I find rewarding in my job is knowing that I help someone and their family have peace of mind to know that they will be taken care of to the best of my abilities in their home where they are most comfortable. I am a very nurturing and detail oriented person and I take pride in making sure each of my patients know that I care about their individual wants and needs and their overall well being.When you help take care of someone, especially in their home, you develop a relationship with the patient and the family as well. Its important to make sure that I provide the best care I can without being intrusive to the family. This job is not always easy but I find it is something I truly love every day.I am very glad I found Your Own Home, LLC. I think we stand out as a company that tries to maintain a personal and one on one relationship with each client and their family while also striving to coordinate care with hospice if necessary. I have had social workers tell me that Your Own Home is the only agency they recommend to their home patients. I hope at the end of the day each of my patients knows how important they are to me and how much I enjoy working.”
-Sarah K.

“My over 6 years working for Your Own Home has been a pleasant experience. The office staff is always courteous and helpful with positive input in all situations. The people I care for have become my extended family. Times and fashions may change but respect and loving care for the needs of others remains the same. I believe that I along with other members of the Your Own Home team meet this criteria.”
-David S.

“The work I did for Your Own Home was varied which I appreciated. A few hours a week for some individuals helped them to continue living independently and comfortably in their own home. I felt my work really made a difference. If I had one skill that helped me do a good job it is active listening. People shared wonderful and poignant stories from their long lives. Your Own Home allowed me to work within the parameters that I got to set. They provided training on a variety of topics. It was a great opportunity to do work that I love and to work for a very caring employer.”
-Mary F.