October is Lupus Awareness Month

A chronic, autoimmune disease that is noncontiguous, lupus can attack any part of the body, causing inflammation and pain in the region being affected. Lupus can affect individuals of any age, though it most often attacks women between the ages of 15 and 44. There is no cure for this disease, but patients often experience extended periods of remission. On October 7, 2015, singer Selena Gomez announced in an interview with Billboard magazine that she has lupus.

There are many misconceptions about lupus, including the belief that it is a form of cancer. This rumor spreads from the use of cyclophosphamide, a chemotherapy used to treat some cases of lupus. Since symptoms are different in patient, there are a wide variety of treatment methods available to individuals suffering from this disease.

Lupus can affect joints, organs and skin. Because of its wide ranging symptoms, the disease is often mistaken for diabetes and arthritis. If you or a loved one are experiencing pain and swelling of the joints, extreme fatigue, anemia or hair loss, schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss your symptoms and uncover their cause. With proper medical care, individuals with lupus can lead full and active lives.

A chronic disease that affects an estimated 5 million individuals worldwide, learn more about lupus with the Lupus Foundation of America. Struggling with lupus? Contact Your Own Home Senior Care to learn about our in-home services. Whether you need help cooking meals or managing medications, we can help. Call us at 302-478-7081 today.