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  • Complete solution for Senior Move Management
  • Organizing and Clean-out
  • Re-homing, appraisals, consignments
  • Packing, transportation, and unpacking
  • Readying home for sale


Join our team of certified Senior Move Managers today!

Full Service Move Management

Your Own Moves specializes in assisting seniors and their families through the process of de-cluttering, organizing, and moving to a new residence. Relocating at any stage of life is a difficult task. Seniors especially, face specific challenges and are usually not able to complete any of the planning themselves. This will leave a large portion of the work to be done by family or friends, who may not have the resources necessary to commit to such a project.


Our accredited team begins when you do. We work with you, your real estate agent, contractors, anyone involved in smoothing the transition to your new home. Everything that would typically be the responsibility of the homeowner can be entrusted to us, freeing you to spend time with your family and not sorting boxes in a hot attic.

Designed specially for seniors



Detail Oversight




How do I begin to schedule everything?

You don't!

Once we know the date and location of your move our team will divide the necessary tasks and present you with a schedule. This could include timing of utility disconnection, mail forwarding, and making arrangements for your new residence. We’ll consider available square footage, storage, and amenities to guide our downsizing efforts well in advance, ensuring you take with you exactly what’s needed.

What do I do with all this stuff ?

We know what to do!

Deciding what to keep, sell, re-home, or donate can be a monumental task. After all, there is often a lifetime of memories to sort. We take the time to go through your belongings with you, organizing them according to their final destination. We’ll also make sure your important documents are accessible during the transition and your valuables are kept safe.

What happens to the items I can’t take with me?

They get a new home too!

Our first priority is heirlooms or sentimental items, which we hope to re-home with extended family, even by mail! We work closely with certified auctioneers and appraisers who want you to get the most money for your valuable belongings, and will often place them in auctions or as consignments at resale stores. Inexpensive items are perfect for yard sales, which we can organize, advertise, and operate. The remainder is welcomed by local, national, and military charities, so they will be notified and pickup arranged. We document all transactions and save receipts for your tax and insurance purposes.

How does everything get to my new home?

Safely and quickly!

Our team, working with qualified movers, will make sure items of all sizes and weights are carefully packed and moved. This includes large pieces of furniture, artwork, plants, everything! After your old home is empty, we’ll get it clean and ready for your real estate agent or new owner.

Am I going to face the same stack of boxes?

Not for long!

As soon as we have access to your new home we will start laying out furniture and begin organizing. Items can be moved in gradually or all at once, depending on the situation. This is sometimes easier, especially if the residences are close. Our staff will arrange your new home to your liking – dishes in cabinets, area rugs placed, pictures hung, even your clothes folded and put away.

What about the dog, my plants, and the yard?

We excel at flexibility!

“Full Service” means just that. We’ll re-pot the plants, water the yard, and make sure your four-legged friend has had plenty of exercise and distractions from the stress of moving. We will do our best to accommodate any request.

Thank you, Your Own Moves

Thank you all for doing such a wonderful job helping my mother move.  She’d lived in her home for close to 40 years, so to her, the prospect of leaving was stressful enough, but thoughts of the move itself were overwhelming.  I happened to come by when she was interviewing another move manager who was recommended by the community that she moved to. We both found her to be very cold, and she obviously didn’t understand the emotional aspect of the move.  Luckily we called you!

Time and time again your team showed the compassion necessary to understand the emotions that come with downsizing and moving from the place you’ve called home for 40 years, all the while moving the process along smoothly to make sure that all the deadlines she had to meet were met. You had her boxed up and ready to go with plenty of time to spare. More importantly, thank you for being there with her the day of the move, and after. My mother is likely the pickiest person you’ll meet (let’s just call her a perfectionist) and the fact that you were there day in and day out, helping her unpack, and arranging her belongings in her new home just the way she wanted everything (even in the face of “let’s try it here.  No, maybe over there.  No, how about over there?”) not only speaks volumes about your dedication to a job well done, but shows that to you, every client is a friend – a person, not a “job,” who has lived a full and interesting life, collecting memories along the way, and not just “things.”

Thank you so much!  We couldn’t have done it without you!


About Us

Your Own Moves was created in response to downsizing and organization inquiries, frequently in preparation for or immediately following a move. We soon realized how easy it was to be overwhelmed and miss important details, so our objective shifted to take charge of the entire process under the guidance and certification of NASMM, the National Association of Senior Move Managers. Their training and processes ensure that we provide a smooth transition from well-known surroundings to a new residence with the same compassion and professionalism as our in-home care services.

If the client is currently served by Your Own Home, we will arrange to have the primary caretaker assist in the move management, since continuity and familiar faces can often alleviate fears and uncertainty, especially with clients who experience memory or similar deficits. Our team is there every step of the way, from the decision to move to the last rug vacuumed in your new home. 

We look forward to being a part of your active senior’s journey to a new residence and all the possibilities that brings.