Managing Arthritis Pain

Dealing with the constant ache of arthritis is no easy task. When simple things like cold weather, physical activity, and even sleeping in an uncomfortable position can cause your arthritis to flare up, the pain can be very difficult to manage. Sometimes, medication is not enough.

Fortunately, we don’t have to resign ourselves to living in constant pain. There are ways to manage the pain that work in conjunction with your medication to bring lasting relief. One new and fun technique to alleviate arthritis pain is to practice laughter yoga. This form of yoga uses a combination of breathing exercises and silly activities that are used to induce laughter. The effect of this spontaneous laughter is a release of endorphins that will help to ease pain. Check your local community center to see if they offer laughter yoga classes, or try watching a few guided videos online.

Many chronic pain sufferers also suggest listening to music to help control symptoms. The body’s physical response to hearing your favorite song, much like the effects of laughter yoga, is a release of endorphins that will flood the body and can help to alleviate pain.

If you are able, light exercise and even occasional physical therapy can also help you to manage arthritis pain. Keeping your bones active and healthy is the best way to make sure that they remain that way, but exercise is also a way to trigger the release of those endorphins. If you have trouble exercising, consider working out in a heated pool. The water will make the physical activity easier on your joints, and the warm water can also help to ease the pain.

Want to learn more about living with arthritis pain? Check out all the resources available on the Arthritis Foundation’s website.