Gina’s Story Part II “Who, what, when, where and why”

Gina’s Story Part II  “Who, what, when, where and why”

What is important about Your Own Home?
Your Own Home LLC is a family owned non medical in home senior care agency. What does that mean??? We provide caregivers for seniors, the disabled, and those recovering from surgery or illness. We primarily perform whatever tasks are necessary for someone to be able to remain in their home safely. These tasks include but aren’t limited to transportation, meal preparation, personal care such as bathing, dressing, assistance with household duties and help with ambulation. The easiest way to understand what we do is to imagine you are living next door to your aging parent. As they begin to have trouble doing things for themselves, rather than you running over to help, we would provide those services ( maybe say “ we take care of them” it has a more personalized ring to it,)  Most seniors get placed in a facility at the point when they get hurt, become increasingly unsafe, or the family members become overwhelmed with trying to respond to their needs. If YOUR OWN HOME were involved, we could care for the senior in their home throughout the aging process. This allows family members to continue living their lives with the peace of mind that their parents are in good care.

Your Own Home LLC is an independent Delaware company whereas most similar organizations out there are franchisees. This enables us to customize our services to meet the individual needs of the customers we serve. I am a member of a national organization called “Companion Connection” which is in 30 states and has over 150 members. This is a support organization for resources, training and sharing experienced knowledge with other members.Gina