Your Own Home LLC provides elderly and senior companionship and care service in Newark, Delaware. Companionship is one of the things elderly parents and family members often need the most when living alone. When a spouse has passed or other family members can no longer stay with them, a home can quickly become empty, lonely and frightening. We provide companionship and assistance, from simple things like someone to read the paper with, play a game of bridge, or everyday needs like driving or cooking.

Companionship, even just a visit a few times a month, can help make a home feel lived-in. Loneliness and feeling unneeded or unwanted are one of the most difficult struggles for aging individuals, often surpassing even difficulties with disabilities or other health problems. Mental and emotional well-being are critical to maintaining physical well-being, making companionship a central part of overall health. In an empty house, the companion may be the only person the senior sees all day. A companion can brighten a senior’s day by sharing a meal or just providing company to share conversation. The companion can also provide critical feedback on the senior’s mental or physical state, which can be helpful when determining when extra care or assistance may be needed.

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