Caregivers Take Care of Yourself

Caregivers Need to Take a Break
Respite Services Can Help Cut Stress

Taking some time off from caregiving can reduce stress. “Respite care” provides substitute caregiving to give the regular caregiver a much-needed break. Below are the various types of respite services that are available:
In-home respite. In this type of service, someone comes to your home to provide care. The type of care can range from simple companionship to nursing services.
Adult day-care centers. Many adult day-care centers are located in churches or community centers. Some day-care centers provide care for both elderly adults and young children. During the day, the two groups meet for several hours to share in activities such as reading stories. This type of contact seems to benefit both young and old.
Short-term nursing homes. If your loved one needs occasional nursing care and you must leave town for a couple weeks, some nursing homes will care for your loved one while you’re away.
Day hospitals. Some hospitals provide medical care to patients during the day, and then at night, the patient returns home.
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