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Common Misconceptions About In-Home Senior Care

With the various senior care options available today, some families may find themselves on an information overload. All you want is a few straight answers to lead you towards the best alternative for your loved ones. Unfortunately however, we often stumble upon a lot of misinformation when it comes to our particular trade: in-home senior… Read more »

In-Home Care: It’s Okay to Talk About It

Are you concerned that your family member has lost the ability to care for themselves? Maybe you have noticed that your loved one is struggling more and more with the up-keep of their home, or perhaps they are less motivated to go out and complete grocery shopping or yard work like they once used to…. Read more »

Is In-Home Caregiving the Career for You?

If you enjoy putting someone’s needs, in various aspects, before your own and have thought about pursuing a career that allows you to “wear many hats” then perhaps in-home caregiving might be the profession for you. This type of career is not for everyone and it takes a very special person to take on the… Read more »

Stress relieving foods

March is national nutrition Month so we thought information on foods that are natural stress reducers would be helpful. Everyone experiences stress, but if you are a care-giver you need to do everything you can to alleviate it and stay healthy. We often turn to “comfort foods” and rely on fast foods because we are… Read more »

Cold Weather Safety Tips

4 Safety Measures for Extremely Cold Weather Conditions from the NIA. We all know to be cautious about slippery conditions but hypothermia is a real danger for seniors. Spring is on it’s way but we are liable to have a few more cold snaps before it’s here to stay. It is important to check in… Read more »

CAREGIVER TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF How to avoid caregiver burnout RECOGNIZE THE SIGNS OF STRESS. If you are experiencing irritability, feelings of resentment, loss of sleep, increased susceptibility to colds and flu, or if you feel guilty about taking time for yourself, then chances are that you need to re-evaluate your situation. ACKNOWLEDGE AND ACCEPT… Read more »

All in Favor of In-Home Senior Care

As overall inflation rises, so do nursing home and assisted living costs. The rates of most of these assisted living homes continue to rise beyond the level of inflation, except for one: the cost of in-home care. In fact, the cost of in-home care has only risen at a mere annual rate of one percent… Read more »

Is In-Home Senior Care a Good Fit For You?

As you get a bit older, it is not uncommon to struggle with a few every day activities. Daily tasks such as light housework, preparing a meal, remembering to take your medication or even getting from one room to the next have slowly become more difficult. Instead of allowing this to affect your spirit, maybe… Read more »

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