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Winter Safety Tips

Winter is upon us which can be a special time for caution if you or someone in your family is an older adult. Tis the season for flus, slips on icy streets, and other dangers that can be especially traumatic for Seniors. A simple fall can have devastating effects for older men and women. A… Read more »

New Years Message From Gina

As I reflect upon the past year I am struck by profound gratitude for our Your Own Home Care Family. To me a Family is a group of people who all genuinely care about each other. It is not defined by blood or birth but more by circumstance and is made up of people that… Read more »

Thanksgiving Message

We hope that all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with love, laughter, and relaxing companionship of family and friends. As the hectic holiday season ensues may we all take a moment to reflect upon the “spirit of the season” let us all try to carry those feelings into our daily lives in the… Read more »

A message of gratitude from Gina Deney

November is National Caregivers and National Gratitude month which seems very appropriate. I am very grateful for our Caregivers without whom my dream of enhancing the quality of life for Seniors would not have been realized. Our Caregivers are a diverse group who come from many walks of life but possess a unique commonality of… Read more »

Gina’s Story Part III “Chosen with Care”

Gina’s Story Part III Choosing with Care “Companion,” versus “Caregiver”? These are often used interchangeably. In my mind a companion is just that. They provide socialization for the senior such as shopping, planning and enjoying dinner. Just having someone in the home can markedly improve the quality of life for someone who doesn’t get out anymore… Read more »

How a Loved One’s Alzheimer’s Diagnosis Can Effect You As a Caregiver

Even though Alzheimer’s disease does little to effect its victims physically, it is undoubtedly one of the most painful diseases you could ever imagine both mentally and emotionally. With no known cure, Alzheimer’s worsens as it progresses until eventually, it takes your life. While early signs may be mistaken for simple old age or stress,… Read more »

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