Blessed by our caregivers

November was National Caregivers and National Gratitude Month, a time to reflect on the year and appreciate the blessings we have.

Your Own Home Care employs a diverse group who come from many walks of life but possess a unique commonality of compassion, patience and genuine love and respect for others that is becoming rare nowadays. They often perform tasks that many in this fast-paced society would consider thankless with inimitable grace and commitment. They bring solace, reassurance, and joy to the people they care for as well as their extended family and friends. I cannot thank them enough.

It has been sixteen years since I realized my dream of enhancing the quality of life for Delaware seniors. With each passing day I am filled with deep gratitude toward all of the members of our “family” and their unending service to others.

If you know a caregiver please join me in saluting them for they truly are cut from a special cloth and deserve our gratitude. Take a moment to share this message with them for they are blessings to all.

Gina Deney