A message of gratitude from Gina Deney

November is National Caregivers and National Gratitude month which seems very appropriate. I am very grateful for our Caregivers without whom my dream of enhancing the quality of life for Seniors would not have been realized. Our Caregivers are a diverse group who come from many walks of life but possess a unique commonality of compassion, patience and genuine love and respect for others
They often perform tasks that many would consider thankless but we know significantly affects the quality of life for others. They bring comfort and joy on a daily basis to the people they care for as well as their family and friends
As I look back on the past 10 years since the beginning of Your Own Home, I feel deep gratitude toward all of the members of our “family.”
If you know a caregiver please join me in saluting them for they are truly special and deserve our gratitude and thanks. Take a moment to share this message with them for they are blessings to all.