A Cup of Kindness

As the holiday season approaches we are filled with goodwill toward all and busily buying gifts. However, we are often at a loss when it comes to older family members and friends. Here are some fun and practical gift giving ideas.

  • A coupon book decorated with photos of things you and your family can do such as a couple of hours of house or yard work, a trip to the mall, a museum, a country fair including lunch, “High Tea” or a picnic
  • Grocery and Pharmacy gift cards with an offer to take them shopping
  • A homemade calendar that includes special dates ( Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays etc.) with pictures of the events and of course the promise to include them in any celebration
  • A blank journal or scrap book kit to encourage them to share their memories with you and others along with an offer to help from time to time  (a wonderful project for grandchildren)
  • “Nothin’ says Lovinʼ like something from the oven,” so consider homemade food. From cookies and preserves to soups and casseroles or a decorative wicker basket filled with their favorite snacks, thoughtful edibles are always appreciated.
  • Pens, assorted greeting cards, stationary, stamps or a pre-paid phone card along with a desk quality address book
  • A shower tote or decorative basket filled with scented soaps, bath gels and moisturizers and other toiletries is bound to bring some joy.
  • By the same token, soap on a rope with a flannel night shirt and some warm and colorful socks will help keep them comfy and cozy.
  • A magnifying glass and a jig saw puzzle or a large print deck of cards along with some audio books helps to while away the time.
  • A small flashlight and a large display digital clock for their nightstand is handy and helpful.
  • A decorated box for keepsakes is a wonderful way for them to preserve their memories and share them with friends.

These are just a few ideas, but the most important gift you can give is the time and company of you and your family. Our aging loved ones are a precious resource of wisdom, history, humor and patience that is the product of age. So share a cup of kindness and you will find that you receive much more than you give.
Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday and a new year filled with Love, laughter and a myriad of marvelous memories.

In peace and gratitude from our family to yours,
The Staff and Care- Givers of Your Own Home